Monday, March 24, 2014


Moments turn into minutes, minutes into hours and suddenly over a year has passed by. With the passage of time come new relationships. Children having children.

Forgotten challenges.

Reminders of tasks once learned, then abandoned. Unpracticed abilities called on after years of neglect.




Ok. Well, I haven't really forgotten how to tickle my grandkids...

At the same time, pursuits, interests and desires change. Decisions are made. The website is backed up and prepared for mothballs and storage.

Preparations take odd turns. What do I know about electronics? Perhaps some free radio gear could be of use in the coming turmoil. So I got my license. KG7JOO. Sent out my first call to the Herriman Emergency Net last night. Lots of folks willing to be of service.

Still, a familiar sense of imminence. Things are starting to roll.

Is it time, yet? I try not to consider. I've gone through the thought experiment too many times in the past. Only to face the reality that I am still that impatient boy waiting for any hint of dawn on Christmas morning.

Patience is a virtue.

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