Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Yesterday I took a walk in the mountains. I climbed the hills north and east of our apartment, starting at 5:00 am. I wanted to check out how it would be to walk with a full 72 hour kit on my back. I also wanted to see how I would do.

Well, it was a good test. I was able to carry the load. I learned, though, that it is much tougher to go down than it is to climb. Of course, I rested at the highest peak I climbed. My knees stiffened up and I could only manage baby steps as I walked out.

Sunrise in the Rockies is wonderful to see.

When I was in the hills I had plenty of time to ponder and pray. The rumble of the city was only a distant echo of the normal city hubbub and I was only about two miles away.

Recovery time for my expedition was more than I expected as well. Thank heavens for a hot tub and pool. And Tylenol. When I reported my experience to my friend, Gary, he told me the secret is Tylenol before, during and after a hike. Wish I'd known that before I started.

Slowly I learn what I need to do.