Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Fighting a summer cold. It's been a few years since I've gone through this experience. Funny how easy it is to forget how poorly you feel. I'm thankful for the reminder. Hopefully it'll be another many years before I need another refresher course in this area.

Her youngest brother was married last Friday. What a strange, marvelous experience. The Spirit was abundantly manifest as the Bishop offered counsel and guidance to the young couple. The setting was wonderfully peaceful, up the South Fork of the Provo Canyon. I'd never been there before.

By the way, Tim is 3 months older than my son. Luz is 3 months younger than my daughter in law. Odd to think that I've been part of Tim's family longer than he's been alive. He doesn't have any memories without me as a family member.

After the wedding we had the fine opportunity to kidnap our grandson and sit with him for the afternoon and evening. While he was at our house he mastered a new skill. Previously, we have always used a large tote to block the doorway leading to the stairway. Friday we used the tote to keep the Bubs in the front room with us.

He learned to scale the tote and climb down the other side while visiting. It took him a couple tries to conquer climbing on to the tote and another couple tries to master climbing off the tote into the kitchen. He was thrilled with his new skills.

We'll have to pile our barriers higher now. Or just keep a closer watch on things.

It's fun to see learning take place.