Monday, August 14, 2006

Strange Visitors

A week ago Saturday my son asked if we could drive out to Nine Mile Canyon to look at the petroglyphs there. He arranged that my daughter would babysit his two boys while he, his wife, my wife and I took the little trip.

Trip it was.

We started at 2 pm; drove for 3 hours; entered the 40-mile-canyon and began to explore.

The only other time I had been there was with my mother-in-law about 9 years ago. It was hot. They had a blow out. I changed the tire on their van.

This time it was an amazingly cool day in a canyon in the middle of the desert. The road was damp. Our truck even got muddy.

We took lots of pictures. I took 154, not quite enough to fill my memory card. I have no idea how many my son and daughter-in-law took.

One shot we couldn't pass up. It's message was much more recent than most in that canyon:

I don't think the SS Enterprise has ever been close to the area, but I kept my eyes peeled.

We were only able to get about 10 miles into the canyon before it was time to turn around and head home. The only pointed ears I saw the whole day were on my son's head.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Perfect for the moment

Before thee, Lord, I bow my head
And thank thee for what has been said
My soul vibrates; my poor heart sings
When thy sweet spirit strikes the strings.

How sweet thy word I've heard this day!
Be thou my guide, O Lord, I pray.
May I in patience do my part.
Seal thou the word upon my heart.

Do thou, O Lord, anoint mine eyes
That I may see and win the prize.
My heart is full; mine eyes are wet.
Oh, help me, Lord, lest I forget.

So may my soul be filled with light
That I may see and win the fight,
And then at last exalted be,
In peace and rest, O Lord, with thee.

Look up, my soul; be not cast down.
Keep not thine eyes upon the ground.
Break off the shackles of the earth.
Receive, my soul, the spirit's birth.

And now as I go forth again
To mingle with my fellow-men,
Stay thou nearby, my steps to guide,
That I may in thy love abide.

Text and music: Joseph H. Dean, 1855-1947

Thank you Joseph.