Sunday, March 09, 2008

11:30 pm

Thoughts all a jumble
I spoke without thinking again

I sit up late at night

She's in the other room
Trying to be asleep

It's too easy to forget
Her wounds aren't healed

Most times
She puts on a good face

Things are okay
'Til I yank the bandaid again

The triggers are never quite the same
Often media inspired

Good thing we don't watch too much

Should watch less
Too much else to do

The pendulum swings
February gloom brightens

Time for bed
Thoughts still bumble

Does I'm sorry mean a thing

Music from the other room
Bid a welcome note

I'm going

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


They stopped me.

On the Columbus street sidewalk just past the split with Main Street, I stood still.

I was on my way home from cutting some more checks for the Bishop. The second time that week.

I turned and looked to my right at the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) building, thought a second, then walked up the stairs and in through the doors.

I waited a moment for my turn to sign the guest register, then I walked past the main floor displays to the History room.

I knocked on the office door and a volunteer appeared.

I asked if the histories have been digitized.

She replied that there is currently a project to have them digitized.

I pressed, do they need any help getting the work done? She said, Yes, but you'd have to talk to the President about that.

I explained that I have a long history of filming and digitizing historical documents as she took me back up front and introduced me to President Barton.

I introduced myself to President Barton and asked again if there is a need for help with the digitizing project.

She said, Yes! They said the project would only take six months, but they're only to the C's. They only come up a couple times a week from Provo.

She provided me with a couple phone numbers, I thanked her and left the building.

A few minutes later in my apartment, I dialed the numbers and left messages. To my surprise I received a response. He was excited to hear from me. They need operators in Salt Lake and there is plenty of work to do at the DUP.

We met the next day and my chapter scanning at the DUP will begin later this week.

It amazes and thrills me to know that I can still detect and act upon the subtle directions that are sent my way.