Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A swing and a hit

I searched for Erie Sweeting today. Not very deeply, though. Just a couple of quick searches to see if I could use the 1910 Census index to locate a 28 year-old woman named Erie who'd been born in Michigan. Nothing came up. I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way and check through the marriage records for the county she'd been in previously. I was just killing time, really. Not a serious search.

Oops! I just tried again. This time I searched for Erie, a wife, born in Michigan and living in Michigan during the 1930 census. Bingo!


I found Erie Reynolds, wife of Jesse L. Living with Erie and Jesse were Jesse's brother, Ernest and "Aunt" Lydia Flanders. Since Erie's mother is Lenora Flanders, this looks like pay dirt. They are also living in the very town Erie's family is from: Bronson, Branch, Michigan. Now, did they have kids?

I look back through earlier census records and find no children, but do find that they were married sometime in 1907 or so. Now I need to look through the Branch County cemetery records again. Fun stuff.