Monday, October 17, 2011


It's only money.

The words reverberate in my head as the repair shop technician lists the possibilities, the least of which is a 5-700 dollar fix, the most of which is replacing the engine or buying another means of transportation.

Only Money!

At best, the lubricant that smooths our interaction in a complex society. At worst, desire for more than enough is the root of ALL evil. All is pretty inclusive.

Through it all, the inconclusive testing, the waiting, the discussions with the tech, the subsequent discussions with her, the Spirit is burning.




It's okay.

He's mindful of you.

They Love You!

So I won't worry. I trust my Lord. I'll spend more money that banksters made plastically available to me by contract years ago. I'll pay it off as fast as I can, paying the expected usury fees along the way.

Things teeter economically. Not just for me.

The Occupiers are gaining a broad following. Their message is very similar to the Red Revolution back when. Hate and anger aren't the way to work things through, but still the Spirit whispers.


It's okay.

Things are going the way they are supposed to.

Be aware.

Set your house in order.


I expect and pray for the prophesied servants to arrive and begin the cleansing. Because it's all out of order. Not just my car. All of it. Every organization, from top to bottom, from bow to tail light, left and right, in and out. Governments, economies, religions, churches, families. All of it. Out of order. Corrupted. Filthy.

Everyone, to one extent or another, knows it. We all feel it. Many are tired of feeling it. Hence the growing popularity of the Occupy movement. My job is to know where I can reach out. Which ark is mine to steady. Which pretty much means, me and mine.

I will be an active, opinionated witness until I am told otherwise.

Meanwhile I will work on my own receiver. Ensure all connections are secure and clear. Attend to those around me. Make sure that my home is fit and clean. Become a hollow bone. And stand ready.

Eventually it will be my turn to move.