Saturday, December 31, 2011

Return Strong

The fireworks fired. The odd half-moon shone down like a large light bulb, then quickly hid behind misty clouds. Folks in the complex hollered. Some lady screamed a bit.

My bemused thoughts considered the celebration of time passing: an arbitrary point that has been reset and recalibrated throughout recorded history; an excuse for a party; a time for loving kisses; a moment to consider the past and ponder the future.

Musings mused, I returned to the task at hand, perusing old compilations of New England family history records. I click the link to the Griswolds. Yup, that's one of my lines. I follow the line towards me and come across an unfamiliar name: Azubah Griswold. She married John Warham Strong. Their descendants merge with the Burrs, Hungerfords and Warners eventually arriving in Utah, settling in Millard County.

Funny thing: I have Azubah's ancestry sketched out (when did I harvest that info?), but nothing for John Warham Strong. Seems a unique enough name to find something about, so I ask her to google him. The first listing is for a John Warham Strong who settled in Detroit in 1832. Too far down the line. My guy is born in the early 1700's. So we look on.

Next record, John and Azubah with their kids and record of their parents. Hers are the same as the names listed in my database. His? Return Strong, son of Return Strong, son of Elder John Strong. I already had both Returns in my database, so a couple of keystrokes later, I have connected John W. with his father and mother, Elizabeth Burrell.

Timing is everything. Half of a miracle is it's timing.

The Hebrew word for Return is Shuv (shuhb, shub), which is also the word for repent. A new name for a new year. A charge and a challenge to me. More sets of grandparents, turning their heart my way as I turn mine towards them.

Marvelous thoughts to start the next time period with.

Mazel Tov.