Tuesday, July 12, 2005


A year ago, early this morning, he came into our lives.

For a time he lived at our house and has visited regularly since his folks moved out.

He has reminded me:
  • The veil is thin if you know where to look
  • That I still know how to take care of a baby, solo
  • Dirty diapers can be sweet
  • Learning is painful but memories of pain fade quickly
  • How fun water can be
  • We're here to learn how to live in a body
  • Smiles are the only communication needed, most times
  • Of the joy in meeting
  • Of the sorrow at parting
  • Of the desire to stay awake as long as possible, things are HAPPENING! Can't miss 'em.
  • Of the joy of successful parenting

He's off on his second trip to Washington. We commemorated his birthday with a trip to the zoo and the park two Saturdays ago. We can share him with his other grandparents for a week or so.

Happy birthday Bub!


Silverboh said...

actually it's his third trip up here. But I'm sure that he will have fun. Though, not sure how relaxing it may end up for me, I just came down with a cold today..

Shi said...

ugh sorry you sick...

I hope you all have fun and tell my cute nephew Happy Birthday!!!!! And give him a big squeeze from his aunt shi and crazy uncle stu....

Love yas

Anonymous said...

and i suppose you forgot the silver , silver?


Silverboh said...


Cool Dad said...

Thats a nice tribute to your grandson. He is a charmer.